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Domain Query: The Evil That Men Do

July 6, 2022

LRFotS Randale6 wrote in earlier this week to request my take on a very important, indeed fundamental, question about the human condition - and he did it by quoting Spaceballs. Now, when a Christian nerd gets a question from another sci-fi nerd phrased in a way that references one of the silliest, yet somehow most classic, comedy movies ever made, he cannot help but answer it. So here's what our friend asked me:

Now for thee [sic] oddball request, remember Dark Helmet from Spaceballs saying "So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will always triumph, because good is dumb." Why exactly is that? Are morality and common sense at cross-purposes? It just feels like the parable of the scorpion and the frog, and the frog never seems to learn that it can't trust the scorpion.

It's a very good question, which cannot be properly answered from a secular perspective, because secularism is not capable of coming up with a proper definition of evil. In this Domain Query episode, I look at how Man's rebellion against God, who is the definition of good, is at the root of our continued inability to deal with evil. We do not learn the lessons because we CANNOT, since we constantly rebel against the very thing that is trying to bring us back over to the right and sensible course. Furthermore, our refusal to "get with the program", as it were, leads us to forget the lessons of the past and insist on repeating the same old mistakes. On top of that, normal people DO have a spark of innate goodness in them, which makes them really incapable of understanding how evil works and thinks - and to explain this, I discuss what and how psychopaths act, and why evil in this world is a genuine manifestation of psychopathic intelligence. And finally, I discuss how our turning away from that which is by definition good, has left us unable to understand the absolute need for discipline and punishment for bad behaviour, which is why we keep making the same stupid mistakes repeatedly.

Here's the original quote from Spaceballs that inspired the question. And here's the great speech from Julius Caesar, starring Marlon Brando, that inspired the title. (Alternative version with Charlton Heston.)

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