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June 15, 2022

LRFotS Randale6 and I had a long conversation via email on a number of topics, stemming from his idea that someone like me should start up a successor site to the old Return of Kings platform. He mentioned that I had said something along these lines in the past, which I do vaguely recall doing at some point, I just can't remember exactly when or where. From there, he asked why Roosh had become such a fanatic and a hardliner, and lost his sense of humour. I pointed out that this is a direct consequence of Roosh's personality, which shows a strong tendency to go to extremes too easily, and that we shouldn't be too judgemental about him, because even someone like me would be considered "fundamentalist" by most normies.

Randale6 stated that he has a hard time believing in any religion or ideology precisely because of the hardliners, as he perceives Roosh to be. But it seemed to me that, given his lack of overt hostility to Christianity and Christ, he had a number of questions on the subjects of religion, faith, and Christianity, and I invited him to ask me anything he might like on these subjects.

Here is the list of questions that our friend wants answered (slightly edited for spelling and capitalisations, but otherwise exactly as sent to me):

  1. How does one reconcile Man's free will with God's omniscience?
  2. What is your thinking on the Masons/Deists and their various offshoots (most prominent being the Mormons)?
  3. Is Heaven any better than Hell? (To be honest with you, adoring God for all eternity kind of sounds like a mental Hell to me…)
  4. Why is the Bible so scant on descriptions of Heaven? (Islam by contrast tells you explicitly what your getting, sounds like one of the best afterlives I've ever heard of…at least if we go by the 72 houri version)
  5. What is the fate of those souls Christian missionaries never reached? (e.g the Native Americans pre-Columbus, the Chinese pre-Marco Polo would be another example)
  6. Why does Christianity cuck so readily? (Particularly when compared to its heretical child known as Islam, which for all its faults seems to understand that some behaviors should just not be tolerated.)
  7. Must a Christian truly forgive all sins against him or can he put to the sword those who have gravely wronged him, his family and his people? (e.g were the actions of someone like say Vlad the Impaler justified given the threats and trespasses of the Ottomans against him and his kingdom)

This is a very comprehensive and important set of questions, and I am very pleased to have an opportunity to answer them. I did my best to do so in a manner that is both informative and precise, but inevitably, since I'm only human, I'm sure I got a few things wrong. As such, I welcome my wiser and more informed Christian brothers to provide their comments and views on what I have said, in the chat.

Reading List

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