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Domain Query: Smart Question Day, Pt 2

June 15, 2022

Friend and LRFotS JohnC911 had a very interesting follow-up to Episode 100 of the main Didactic Mind podcast on a related but separate topic:

Didactic I do have a question and it relates to the immigration into the west from countries like India and the Middle East.
When major problems of the west start to happen and living in the west becomes unbearable for many of the non Europeans, how will the countries that receive them be affected?

I am thinking for example such as Arabs that were brought up in the west returning to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indians returning to India from the west.

Would the western liberal influence infected the countries or the opposite? Would there be religious and ideological problems cause?

I answer this question by breaking it up into two parts with two subsections each. Essentially, I take the view that the wealthy and internationally mobile elite immigrants will return to their old countries, and will bring with them some of the GloboHomoPaedo disease. Those not capable of moving, will stay in the West, and become ever more radicalised and angry and difficult. There will be inevitable reactions and pushbacks against both types. I go into the details at some length in this podcast.

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Stand for Western Civilisation


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