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May 21, 2022

LRFotS Randale6 had an interesting and detailed set of questions for me about being a "stranger in a strange land", as it were, when looking at where to go, where to live, and how to adapt to a foreign culture after getting the hell out of the dying and degenerate Western world. There are several questions in this set, which I answered in order, more or less, and at length:

Better off an outsider in Asia then a White man in America?
Looking at the way things are going I'm also going through the process of getting a degree, thankfully on a vastly decreased timetable owing to degree hacking (thank you degreeforum.net). The plan is simply to go teach English in Asia and either go through a cheap Master's in ESL to teach at the university level or found my own school/study room.
As for what is making me leave rather then stay for the fight in the USA, I will be honest, I prefer to live life on easy street...and not having to play divorce roulette in the USA. It is easier to have a family when you live somewhere that actually gives a damn about the institution.
Judging from your writings you have been an outsider for the majority of your life, what have your experiences as an outsider been like? Particularly within the context of East Asia and Southeast Asia?
So here's a podcast in which I answer all of these questions. With respect to the specific idea that I raised toward the end of this episode, here is one possible place to apply for teaching positions at an international school. I think that is one way to get the best of both local (South-)East Asian cultures and one's own roots.
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