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Domain Query: History often rhymes

May 10, 2022

A subscriber to my private (as in, not publicly visible or searchable) Telegram channel - join up if you haven't already, all the cool kids are there, to include my friend and fellow shitlord, Last Redoubt - had a very interesting comment to offer in response to my daily voice message updates. These are updates that I give the readers and subscribers (almost) every day, unless I'm in a particularly tired, lazy, or grumpy mood. (The latter happens even more often than one might think, actually.) In them, I offer up some thoughts about the latest developments in geopolitics and news, though at the present time, most of what I have to say concerns the Banderastan War.

Yesterday's voice message update started out talking about May 9th, which for the Russians is basically a sacred day of reflection and celebration of their victory in the Great Patriotic War. Here is what subscriber R T had to say on the subject:

History has a sense of irony. As someone born in a former communist country I remember celebrations of May 9 where Americans could not be mentioned although everybody knew they liberated western part of the country up to Pilsen and perhaps could reach Prague but were not allowed by political decision. Today western leftists are busy to cancel the Russians.

It is not to say we had no love for our Russian liberators. I remember my grandfather telling a story about him walking with Soviet soldier looking for Germans that were hiding in apartments. Once my grandpa, a young boy back then, opened door of an apartment and was welcomed by a bullet. Fortunately, the German guy missed and the Russian shot him dead. Only after the Communists came to power we started to hate Russians.

Another historical irony is, although more hated, fascism is probably better than communism. Right wing governments tend to rule their countries better and our historical experience is there were less casualties during Nazi period than during Bolshevik rule.

Last but not least, I consider likely the Suvorov's theory that the German operation Barbarossa in fact saved Europe from communism as Stalin was prepared to flood Europe with his own troops and the Germans caught him by surprise with their Drang nach Osten. It's not to diminish heroism of Russian people during the war just to point out that history is a little bit more complicated and Russian understanding of it stinks of propaganda, partly at least.

This is a very important set of points, and I agree strongly with all of them. I expand upon them in the latest entry into the Domain Query series, as given here.

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