Didactic Mind

Didactic Mind, Ep 103: No World Order!

August 2, 2022

The latest podcast episode is all about the evolution of a new world order, based on nation-states acting in their own interests, rather than the extraordinarily arrogant, foolish, childish, reckless, and outright stupid globalist approach taken by the collective West these days. I look back at an old article that I wrote some years ago, in which I used a HALO analogy concerning the Forerunners and compared them with the American global empire, and look at the accuracy of those claims compared with the modern day. And I note that a bit of competition in terms of ideologies is actually a VERY Good Thing, by discussing how the world will look as the American Empire fails and falls.


  • The original "Globocop" article that I wrote back in October 2014;
  • The amazing GAMMA RAY album that gave us the title of this podcast;

Protect Yourself From Big Tech

I make some pretty incendiary statements in this podcast, and in most of my podcasts. I can only do so because I take steps to protect myself from the Big Tech companies, and preserve my identity. You need to do the same – this is no longer optional, because if you don’t, the gatekeepers WILL come for your head.

If you don’t know where to start, then I’ve got you covered right here with this post. Here are the specific steps that you can take:

Build Your Platform

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Stand for Western Civilisation

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