Didactic Mind

Didactic Mind, Ep 101: The Three-Way Deep State Civil War

June 26, 2022

The Didactic Mind podcast is back with a new episode based on a very interesting livestream from The Duran, in which the Greek gents interviewed the esteemed Robert Barnes. In that livestream, he pointed out that there are three factions of the Deep State, engaged in a major internecine and fratricidal war, due to the total failures of the Evil Empire in fighting the 404 War against Russia. In this episode, I take that idea and run with it, explaining where these three factions come from, who controls what (roughly speaking), and, toward the end, which faction is likely to win that war and why.

Here is the livestream episode that sparked off the episode - do take a look, and be sure to subscribe to Alex, Alexander, and The Duran.

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