Didactic Mind

Didactic Mind, Ep 100: The Eurasian Century

June 1, 2022

The 100th episode of the podcast is finally here! I actually had the time to sit down and record this whole thing, and it is quite long, clocking in at close to 88 minutes. It took me a while to get around to making this episode, simply because I wanted to find an actual guest, but ended up being both too lazy AND too busy, with a variety of other things, to figure out whom I wanted to invite. I hope to be able to invite guests onto the podcast for later episodes, but we shall see how things go.

In the meantime, this very special 100th episode consists of looking back at how the Western powers managed to squander their opportunities so completely and thoroughly, how they managed to create such a colossal mess out of their economies, and where and how the Eurasian powers - Russia, China, and India - will be able to supplant them. I also examine the great weaknesses of these countries, which are real and substantial, and explore how they will prevent these great nations from reaching their full economic power and potential in the coming years.

Overall, I believe that we shall see a secular shift of power away from the over-indebted, over-extended, rapidly deteriorating Western economies, which have played out their usefulness and their power games, toward countries that produce real things using real inputs, not merely making money from money.

Reading List

Be sure to bookmark and check out these excellent sites, channels, and blogs to get more commentary and different points of view on the topics that I have raised here:

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